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A Full-Service Hair Salon, Here for You

At Terra Hair Design, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Since 1999, we’ve provided the city of San Diego with a wide range of quality products and personalized Hair Salon services that are catered specifically to your needs. We are fueled by the desire to have you feeling and looking great and beautiful. Swing by to start looking and feeling amazing!

We have many different technology in our Hair Salon. That you wont find in any other Hair Salon in San Diego.

Shampoo Machine
Terra Hair Design offers two types of shampoos. The first is a traditional hand shampoo. The
second uses our Shampoo Machine, which has been specially imported from Japan. The
Shampoo Machine uses a variety of water pressures to clean your hair and scalp. It’s a very
relaxing four-minute experience that provides a deeper scalp cleansing than what is possible with
a hand shampoo.

Nano Steam Machine
Used with the Nano Steam Treatment, the Nano Steam Machine turns water into a very gentle,
fine-particle steam. As clients sit under this hood the steam penetrates deep into their hair cuticle
to moisturize the hair.

T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryers, Flat Irons & Curling Irons
Terra Hair Design is an official T3 salon. Our owner, Masa Teraguchi, has worked on stage at
hair shows with well-known hair stylist Orland Pita, demonstrating how to use the T3 products
for various hair styling techniques.

Terra Hair Design uses T3 tourmaline products in the salon and also sells them for home use. We
believe that these are superior products that offer significant advantages for hair styling. T3
tourmaline hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons are all infused with tourmaline, a mineral that
generates negative ions when it is heated.

 The T3 tourmaline hair dryers work differently than traditional hair dryers. Instead of a
chaotic wind flow which can cause damage, split ends, frizz and fly-aways, these hair dryers
have a specially-engineered fan that pushes out ion-enriched air in a wide cone shape at a
soft, gentle speed. This enables the T3 tourmaline hair dryer to dry hair approximately 60%
faster than conventional dryers. In the process it closes the hair cuticles, helps prevent
damage, calms naturally wavy hair, reduces fly-aways, and leaves the hair silkier, smoother
and more vibrant. Plus, T3 tourmaline hair dryers are extremely light weight, making them
very easy to hold and work with.

The T3 styling irons also incorporate T3’s cutting-edge tourmaline technology. The irons
heat up quickly for immediate use and then maintain a consistent heat level even for
extended periods of time. This technology delivers excellent results. Because the negative
ions produced by the tourmaline prevent damage, these styling irons leave the hair shinier,
smoother and more well-conditioned.

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